Our newest service provides a revolutionary way to automate silent auctions. Now, people who want to participate in auctions can do so using any phone, from any location! So whether they are sitting in their seats at an event or on a golf course, participants can enter their bids. What’s more, Qtego automatically informs them of the current high bid on an item of interest, instigating competition amongst participants and increasing the value of the auction items.

Maximize revenue raised from your silent auctions in an exciting, easy and fun way!

Create a customer database automatically by collecting every bidder’s name, address, age and phone number. Imagine a segmented database for future communication or marketing efforts.

- Bid from any phone, from any location
- No special equipment needed
- Make silent auctions more exciting and competitive
- Your organization can easily set up and manage the auction
- Reduces the number of volunteers or staff needed to run events

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